Steve Nagy (stevenagy) wrote,
Steve Nagy

Scrivener Almost A Lock

Latest discovery I've made is that each project can contain multiple documents, such as different books in a series or multi-volume story. So, it makes it fairly simple to search and collate what character X was doing in chapter Y in book Z, check spellings and descriptions for consistency, etc. My only concern, and I don't know if anyone came across this yet, was size limitations. But once I looked at the document that now contains Only The Dead and the beginnings of its sequel, The Sun Also Sets, is only 1.6mb. I imported OTD into its own subfolder so I could experiment with the keywords, status/labels, and breaking it into discrete chapters. I'll have to see how much that bulks the size, but right now 1.6mb isn't very large. Miniscule in fact when balanced against the referencing advantages.

Once I get my head straight after today (I misplaced my wallet and may have to cancel my personal and corporate credit cards), I'll take a run/shovel the drive and sidewalk to get the endorphins flowing, and start tackling the new synopsis.

Edited to add:

Found my wallet. I had lost it in the same place where I lost my head. I'd much rather make up the feelings I experienced this morning, comtemplating canceling credit cards and dealing with the identity issues. The relief is palpable, though.
Tags: process, scrivener, writing
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