January 10th, 2007


Putting House In Order

Met and surpassed yesterday's Novel In 90 goal, logging 7.5 pages. Thought I'd get a bit more done during the evening while I waited for the new House ep, but I got sent out for pizza and stopped at the neighboring Hollywood Video while the pies baked. Picked up Snakes On A Plane and few others and ended up watching SoaP. Then I helped my eldest with her homework while watching House.

So today's goal is to knock out the additional pages I wanted last night for today's quota. Tonight isn't going to be a good night for working either. New episode of Mythbusters where they look at the Hindenburg disaster. Since there are dirigibles in Fallen it's only appropriate I watch. ;-)

The rewrite is going well, all things considered, though I'm quite unhappy with the state of the prologue. It reads a lot smoother now and I can only hope I can pass along these edits to Andy Cox when the story runs in Black Static. Hindsight being what it is, I think it's easy for a writer to change a piece over and over and over again. A horrible rut if you fall into it, but it's so easy for it to happen.

Only 10-12 lines added (not cut) in this revision, even though there are places where I've liberally struck out lines. Call it a half page. Additional new pages will make a bold appearance after chapter two. I'm inserting a new Hunters and Hunted chapter there before switching back to the male lead as the viewpoint character. The motto for this project is "hold nothing back" and I plan to live by those words.

After I finished reading Winter's Heart the day before (my first book read for the new year and an unofficial 52 (or 50) book challenge) I'm still left bouncing back and forth trying to figure out what to read next. I'm the type of reader who needs to get to a certain point, different for each book, before it hooks me.

So ... multiple choice question about what I should tackle for anyone who's interested.

A) Lisey's Story
B) The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril
C) Midnight Tides
D) Dead Beat

As you can see, I'm a bit behind in my reading. ;-)

And this also makes me reconsider upgrading to the point where I can create polls. Wonder if the advertising version (which isn't too onerous from what I've seen on other journals) is enough of a bump?

Pick A Card, Any ... er, Book

Because I'm a Libra, because I upgraded my account, because flipping a coin doesn't always work. Since this is my first poll, it offered 5 choices instead of the four I considered in the earlier post today, so I added Novik's BPW. I could make a list that's a heck of a lot longer were I to list all the unread books I own. While setting up the new room I stopped counting at around 150. Which makes me frown and smile at the same time, so it looks something like this ... :-/

Poll #904157 Choices

Which book is next up in the unofficial 52 Book Challenge

Lisey's Story
The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril
Midnight Tides
Dead Beat
Black Powder War

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

I put down 10 pages in the Fallen rewrite today in two sessions. I'm both pleased and horrified with the results. Good words were added. Rough ones got the sandpaper. Others saw a surgical strike.

This is the prologue I'm working on, and I am hoping I get a chance to turn in the rewritten version to Andy. I'm glad he bought it; I stand by the idea and its originality. I think I did a good job. I must have. Otherwise, why did he buy it? Heh.

But it needs this polish. It's only a little bit longer at this moment, and there's only about six pages left until I finish it.

All in all I'm glad Bear started the car on the Novel In 90 train. The track isn't clear up ahead between chapter two and three, but that's where the draft needs the most work to set up and expand the narrative in its later stages.