February 2nd, 2007


Gearing Up For Weekend

Last two days haven't seen enough done on the rewrite. Youngest was home sick on Wednesday and I worked on emails from home and then dealt with a work emergency for about 2 hours in the early evening, and it left me exhausted. Yesterday I got through two pages, but I worked through lunch so I could leave early and catch dinner and a show with the family at the Fisher in Detroit.

Melissa had gotten complimentary tickets for Cirque Dreams -- a musical-acrobatic show that's running right now downtown. The show was pretty good with some excellent wire and balancing work. We didn't return home until 11 p.m., however, and I wasn't mentally set to knock out 1 more page to make my Novel In 90 quota. Today and Saturday look like good days to catch up. And I'll have Sunday evening to myself because I'm on site in Georgia next week. Lots of evening free time. I've knocked out 2,500 words so far this week. Shooting for another 5,000 before I call it a night on Sunday. That should take me through the rest of the current chapter.

I'm planning on cutting this chapter in two, stopping at the rape scene. It's about 40 pages in its current form -- about 10,000 words -- and I want to get back to the main character and the firefight aftermath. It might deal with some of my pacing issues in this single-character viewpoint chapters. Which means that, while I'm essentially keeping the same events from these two chapters, splitting them will create two new chapters. Still don't know what I'm going to use for titles, but I'll deal with that next week after I finish this chapter's first half and the next chapter's first half/third. Depending on how much I accomplish in the evenings on site.

A Road Less Traveled

Poll #919461 Travel Arrangements

When he's in Georgia next week Steve should make sure to sample ...

fried okra
fiscuits and gravy
anything at the local Waffle House
chitlins (whatever they are)
all of the above

Now that he's finished the first book we picked in a poll Steve should take _____ to read on the plane

Full Moon Rising by Sock Money Keri Arthur
The Jenny Casey books by Lint and Campbell queen Elizabeth Bear
The Stone Man (a Doc Savage pulp reprint)
The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue in all their small press beauty
Finish the Butcher book
Finish the Erikson book

Edited at 14:49 p.m.:

I don't know whether the Keri reference is a Freudian slip or not. It's meant to read Sock Monkey, of course. And LJ won't let me correct the reference. :-P

Edited at 16:01 p.m:


* - Note to self. Don't write polls at spare moments. Focus on learning how to spell. Though if I find something in Dublin, Georgia, that's called fiscuits and gravy I just might try it to say I did. The whole point of travel is the experience.

I don't know whether secritcrush ate haggis in Scotland or not, but if she doesn't try something like that (or blood pudding or kidney pie) I'll tease her no end and dare her to dine on fiscuits and gravy.