March 6th, 2007


Seven Pages Left -- But Today Is A Good Day

Haven't started writing yet today. Working the night shift, so I didn't need to crack the computer until just before noon. I did, though, answering a few emails before heading to the YMCA to try my hand (or legs) at one of the stationary bikes.

I'm not a runner. Just never caught the bug. And while a bike has unique ways to make you uncomfortable, I will survive. Stopped a quarter mile short of 4 miles. When I go back Thursday I'll try to make it that far or further during the session and build on that to see how much I can accomplish in the same time frame. Tomorrow I'm back on weights. I'll probably start with upper body since the bike primarily focuses on cardio and legs.

Seven pages left to reach the 67,500 NIN goal. I'll try to make quota today and finish the taxes this evening while watching NCIS and House. Melissa needs the computer for some work she wants to do once she's back from Rec&Ed.