March 26th, 2007



Two-part post.

First, I've dropped "Romeo, Unbound" into the mail. It's off to Asimov's. Hopefully, it will grab the editors enough for them to take it. Never thought of myself as an Asimov's writer, but since I read more than just horror fiction the muse comes up with ideas that cut across all the boundaries. I'll take a sale there if I can because I've got other stories set in the same milieu percolating.

Second, I still receive mail occasionally that's meant for Marsdust. This can range from flyers from psychics (the most recent item) to short stories. It bears repeating every once in a while:

I was the fiction editor for MarsDust when it accepted and paid for fiction. It doesn't accept or pay for fiction any longer (and if it does, I'm not the editor any longer). So snail mail goes unanswered for a number of reasons. Anything sent to me as a fiction submission for MarsDust was recycled.


Updated my website over on Comcast where I keep some review pages and a bibliography to remove outdated links.

Found that the Lenox Avenue links don't work at all any more, so "A Paradigm of Coats" isn't available online any longer. I'll try to get it formatted into something recognizable in HTML and give it a page all its own. If only so I can display the pit sylph image they used for the cover on the issue that contained my story. :-)

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