April 4th, 2007


Night Shift Blues

Only 2 pages yesterday. The night shift I work one day a week really throws me off my routine. Then Melissa needed the computer last night for some school project stuff. So while I wasn't ... comfortable with not spending 3-4 hours last night from 8 to midnight writing I made the best of it.

I've a minimum of 65 pages left if my projections are right. And 5 days in which to write them. The epilogue will throw things off. I do have Friday off, so I'll have a whole day to knock out pages.

As I was thinking about the book and the deadline last night I realized that book timeline is right around the first week in April. In fact, it runs from April 4 through April 8-9, with most of the events in the last three to four days. (The events on April 9 happen during the time from midnight to sunrise.) Even more reason to finish before the sun rises the Monday after Easter. :-)