April 8th, 2007


Fallen Rewrite - 90 Days

The past three months were good. For the ego, for the muse, for the word count.

I had hoped I could finish by tonight. An uphill battle, considering I was shooting for more than 90,000 words and my normal output is 4-5 pages. I'm not quite finished; life intruded in the guise of chauffeur duties on Friday, travel for the holiday on Saturday and today, house cleaning ... duties one can't avoid, duties that don't include pages. Not complaining. It's life. :-)

Still working on the last chapter. Had to deal with some character motivations that came out of left field in the prior draft. Focusing on details now and action. Lots and lots of action. Still holding to Rule #3, and I'm holding nothing back. Death march is more a stumble than anything else at this point. Monday and Tuesday are both night shift again. I'll try and get another 2-3k out, if it's possible. Call this next section Novel In 90-Plus, and tomorrow is +1.