April 16th, 2007



Melissa and I took the weekend off while our daughters spent time together at a "little sibs" event at Bowling Green. The weekend was an early 20th anniversary getaway for us. Booked a hotel in Perrysburg and didn't do anything constructive except spend time together. Some shopping* and some movies.** Dinner at your typical theme restaurants.

In other words, relaxing. It was a pleasure to discover that we still enjoy each other's company without the kids around. Didn't doubt we would, but it's nice to find out what you believe is true. :-)

Back to work now.

* - Picked up The Last Colony at Books A Million.
** - We caught Wild Hogs because Melissa wasn't quite interested enough to see Grindhouse. Though she did watch Casino Royale with me back at the hotel. Picked it up for 19.99 at Target.