April 18th, 2007


Weekend Plans

First part of Saturday will see me in Dexter at my first club volleyball tournament in which my youngest will compete. It's 12 and under, and they're raw, so I'm going to sit on the edge of my seat. It's tough moving back down from watching and appreciating the nuances and athleticism of college-level volleyball, but she's having fun, and that's what counts.

She's really been a source of pride lately, with excellent reports from her teachers and her increasing interest in art and other creative endeavors. I played secretary last night and transcribed a handwritten short story she had to complete for school. Five pages. She made up a story about the Boston Tea Party, and I genuinely liked it. Great ending. Very appropriate for her age and skill level. She denies that she's going to write when she grows up, but I already see the beginnings of her growth. Makes me grin even now.

After the jaunt to Dexter, I'm off to Troy to Penguicon. Shouldn't get there any later than 4pm, though I'm shooting for earlier. Just going for the one day. Lots of stuff to do at home on Sunday. And since it's just me heading off the convention, it's not fair for me to virtually abandon Melissa and the youngest for the weekend. We're having a lot of fun together, doing some real bonding and creating our own dynamic with the oldest in college now.