June 8th, 2007



Anyone know any tricks for Asimovs? I'm in my third month here waiting for a reply on a submission sent near the end of March. While I'm resigned to the fact that the writing business is a slow business, usually, it's so easy to grow old waiting for replies. Especially when you're trying to break into the business and postal rates went up in May and you know you put the right 39¢ postage for a reply on the March submission. Sigh.

52 Books - #13 - Urban Shaman

Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy
I've looked forward to this one for a while since stumbling across mizkit here on LJ and just reading through the jacket copy. Like a lot of the Luna books, it's put together in a nice package ...

... and I've got to say the story within that eye catcher is just as good. I'm going to go into more detail in another post. It's good enough to merit a full review, but work and life intrude here in the last part of the day, so I'm less likely to write as eloquently as I want. There are a lot of themes I could touch on here, ranging from sub-genres to craft, and I want to go into all that detail.

Heck, I might even broaden my scope and write an article to send off to IROSF for consideration.

My apologies for not placing the cover behind a cut. It's too pretty to hide. :-)