June 15th, 2007


My First Interview

Here I am, merrily going about my workday, looking forward to the company get-together we hold on Friday's (free food and beverages), and I completely forgot that my first author interview, ever, is online today in ambasadora/Heidi Ruby Miller's LiveJournal as part of Heidi's Pick Six.

I must be still too tired. Got to bed after midnight last night. The Cavaliers made a run, but lost, getting swept in the NBA Finals. I am looking forward to next year, though. Was going to skip the Y this morning because of that, since my schedule requires I leave the house as soon after 6 a.m. as possible so I can go through my routine and make it home in time to shower and make tea for Melissa before heading into work. I knew I was going to be sleepy still, and I'd set the alarm for 7 a.m. instead. Cats disagreed with this plan and I got up a few minutes after 6 anyway, said why not, and zombie-shuffled through getting dressed, feeding the beasts and driving downtown.