August 1st, 2007


Choo Choo

Mentioned to Karin/battle_of_one in comments recently that I'm back to submitting stories and getting same rejected. And that it feels more like I've stood in front of the train rather than hopped aboard.

Submission, rejection. Submission, rejection. Submission, rejection. Certainly sounds like an old-style locomotive when I say it quickly enough.

My only hope for surviving is to enjoy the ride, however brief and ugly it becomes. Either that or become a masochist. ;-)

You need a thick skin for this stuff. Consequently ... I'm looking over "Mother of Exiles" to make sure there aren't any obvious holes now that Jetse turned it down over at Interzone. Out of the 32 stories he held from the 500 submissions in May, "Mother of Exiles" was one of the 14 cut before the next stage. And just to show I'm truly a glutton for punishment, I dropped "Tigerfly" in the mail today during lunch, sending it out to Black Static.

I also picked up two new books: A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham/bram452 and Embraced by Darkness by Keri Arthur/kezarthur. Both hit the shelves this week. So it's a heavy slate of reading and writing ahead for August, with Harry Potter 6 first up tonight. Reading it to younger daughter before we tackle #7 together.