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August 17th, 2007

Happy birthday, raecarson

I've yet to meet her in person (at least I believe we haven't met in person yet; I'm horrible at remembering these kinds of things), but since ccfinlay thinks she's good enough to marry, then she's good enough to call a friend. Any wife of Charlie's--

Er, um ... OK, let's try that again. Any friend of Charlie's is a friend of mine.

I saw a little flourishy-looking icon below her name over on MySpace, so I figured that was a birthday thing. She hasn't posted about her birthday today, leaving that to Charlie. So I'll add my huzzah here. :-)

Tackling The Ruins

Still plugging away at The Ruins by Scott Smith. It's still relentless. However, when I checked out the bookstore offerings tonight, wondering whether the book I recalled was the latest Liz Williams or The Orphan's Tales: In The Night Garden by catvalente and discovered that it was the Spectra trade paperback of the latter.

I'm now one book short of the full list of novel nominees for this year's World Fantasy. Only lacking the Gene Wolfe, hich means if I want to tackle all the nominees before November, I'll need to pick up Latro in the Mist (or the two individual Soldier titles) before snagging a copy of Soldier of Sidon. So, the reading list for the next few months is set. :-)

One thing I'd like to say up front about the Spectra trade version of catvalente's book is that the darn thing ways a ton! It feels like they've printed it on card stock. A nice surprise. I believe it's for the illustrations by Michael Kaluta.

I'm really looking forward to the next 2.5 months. :-)

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