August 21st, 2007


Tentative Context Schedule

First real con for me in a while. I made an evening foray to Penguicon earlier this year to see a few friends and deliver a T-shirt that Charlie Stross had wanted, but that was only drive time during rush hour from Ann Arbor through the suburban outskirts of Detroit. Context is the first one where I'm actually going to stay overnight. Haven't gone to any since Glasgow. So, it's a banner year, because I'm attending World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs as well in November.

The schedule is tentative, because I spotted a conflict for me on Saturday. I planned on attending the Powers seminar on plotting, so either the panel running at the same time will get rescheduled or I'm going to miss it. I've reported the situation to the main contact. Just waiting to see what develops. The convention staff's very nice and helpful in my opinion. Quite looking forward to it. Melissa and Abby are coming with me since they've family and friends in the Columbus area, so I think the trip will turn out quite well.

A Day in the Life of an Editor 10:30 am Columbus 2
Mike Resnick, Rae Carson, Jackie Gamber, Sandy Lender, Steve Nagy
Just what is it an editor does all day? Read manuscripts? Take Stephen King out to lunch? Plot nefarious plots?

Plotting the Novel: A Seminar with Tim Powers 4pm Cincinnati

Author's Fears 4 pm Columbus 1
Michael Arnzen, Gary Braunbeck, Matt Cook, Steve Nagy, Tim Waggoner
How do author's own fears inspire their stories and books?

How to Kill Off a Character 1 pm Dayton
Geoffrey Girard, Jim C. Hines, Diana Botsford, Matt Cook, Steve Nagy, Chun Lee
You spend your time crafting characters, thinking about who they are, what they want what they care about. You tell stories about them, lovingly crafted. Now it's time for them to die. How do you do it? And what can happen if you do?

There are a couple panels I'd like to attend. The schedule offers a nice selection from what I can see



Backups I made onto a server at work where I was able to lock access to just myself (and whichever sys_admin wanted to read my WiP) was wiped out today. Didn't lose anything, because I still have all the original docs on my laptop, but it just goes to show you can't have too many backups.

I need to burn some CDs tonight just to be on the safe side.

And everything is now restored.

Let the spouse and youngest use the computer last night, so tonight's a CD burning/backup night while I watch Mythbusters.