September 9th, 2007


New Books

Despite feeling under the weather with the weeks-long cold (sinus infection, though diagnosis will come tomorrow), I hit the local Barnes & Noble on Saturday to catch jimhines at a signing. We hadn't met in person yet, so I figured this was a good chance.

Met some of his friends, though I'm horrible on names. One was a woman from Chelsea, whose name was Diane (sp?), but I can't recall her LJ handle.

Picked up some new books. Latest Repairman Jack, Harbingers, just released in mass market; the first book of the Dante Valentine books by lilithsaintcrow, Working For The Devil, which are out with a new cover design from the U.S. division of Orbit Books; and The Innocent Mage by karenmiller, the first book in the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology, also just released by Orbit Books.

Still working on The Privilege of the Sword, which won the top spot in my World Fantasy reading poll. Good book. Delay is due to the cold and the time I spent writing. Oh, and a marathon session watching the first season of Prison Break with Melissa on Saturday evening and this morning. Watched the first 8 episodes.