September 11th, 2007


Endings and Beginnings

Rewrite is almost a done deal. Muse keeps throwing roadblocks in the guise of additional material that's necessary for a complete tale. Got a good bit done yesterday and it looks as if the last chapter and epilogue will put the finished manuscript at about 530 pages. Roughly 132,000 words.

Last chapter ran as long as I hoped and I'm satisfied that I haven't shorted the story. And the ending fits the first epigraph I've chosen:

"Only the dead have seen the end of war."
--George Santayana, "Tipperary," Soliloquies in England

Once I knock out the last pages today, I'm going to set it aside for day or two. Got a rejection for "Romeo, Unbound" from Analog yesterday while I was home sick and I reworked the beginning. Reads a little crisper, and I believe it hooks better. Timing lets me send it off to the Hubbard contest, which deadlines at month's end.

I'm going to try the same things with "Sacrifices" so I can finish that and send it out into submission land. I'm really hopeful for this one. The bounce I received for "Tigerfly" from Black Static a few weeks pointed out some things I was doing that trace back to an unconscious need to write consolatory fiction. So, I believe I'm going to see better results with beginnings and endings in the next few pieces.