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September 17th, 2007

James Rigney/Robert Jordan

I can only second Charlie's post about the passing of James Rigney/Robert Jordan. Stumbled across the news this morning as I was reading through the novel before heading to the dentist, and I'm bummed.

Sending good thoughts to those who will miss him most. I had a chance to meet him once at a signing in Ann Arbor. I was ill at the time, and the opportunity passed. Damn, but the wheel turns.

Writing Mantra #5

My rules. Your mileage may very. I pick them up where I can, when they resonate with how my muse works. Latest comes via leahbobet and her insightful post about craft:

You work your tools until they break in to the shape of your hands, one by one, possibly rebreaking some as your hands toughen and grow strong from learning to work.

It's a bit long to call it a mantra, but that isn't the point. I won't make you dig through my archive for the other rules, mantras, guides:

1) Just write.
2) Get the story written, then get it right.
3) Hold nothing back.
4) Passion is contagious.

Sent the book off to first (and only) beta reader this afternoon to get her reaction. Working through the book, fairly quickly, making sure it's smooth and neat and beautiful. I think the muse did well with this one.

Ventus by Karl Schroeder

Karl Schroeder is offering free download copies of his first novel, Ventus Details are available in a blog post at his site.

I've already got a copy, but I'm going to download a copy as a show of support. You could do both as well. :-)

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