September 28th, 2007


Reading On Saturday

Prep for Columbus included a last-minute look at the schedule at around midnight to see whether the 4pm panel on Saturday was moved to 2:30pm because it conflicted with the Tim Powers seminar. Saw that I've a reading at 1pm with Diana Botsford/digitalred93 and John Dalmas.

So, I'm either going to offer "Sacrifices" or "Ye Shall Eat In Haste." Depends on which one reads faster. Probably "Sacrifices." The former is an original draft. The latter is the short story/prologue for the novel. Last reading I had was "Ye Shall" and I'm pretty sure I can't finish it in 30 minutes. I'll time it tonight or Saturday morning before my 10:30am panel.

A Day in the Life of an Editor 10:30 am Columbus 2
Mike Resnick, Rae Carson, Jackie Gamber, Sandy Lender, Steve Nagy
Just what is it an editor does all day? Read manuscripts? Take Stephen King out to lunch? Plot nefarious plots?

Reading 1 pm
Diana Botsford, Steve Nagy, John Dalmas

Plotting the Novel: A Seminar with Tim Powers 4pm Cincinnati

Author's Fears 4 pm Columbus 1 (tentative)
Michael Arnzen, Gary Braunbeck, Matt Cook, Steve Nagy, Tim Waggoner
How do author's own fears inspire their stories and books?

How to Kill Off a Character 1 pm Dayton
Geoffrey Girard, Jim C. Hines, Diana Botsford, Matt Cook, Steve Nagy, Chun Lee
You spend your time crafting characters, thinking about who they are, what they want what they care about. You tell stories about them, lovingly crafted. Now it's time for them to die. How do you do it? And what can happen if you do?