October 4th, 2007


Indians vs. Yankees, ALDS Game 1

I'm happy with Sweet Lou's decision to pull his ace after 85 pitches last night when the Cubs faced the Diamondbacks. Not because the Cubs lost; I want to see the Cubs win and move forward, even making it to the World Series. I'm happy with it because it should eliminate the possibility that the Indians' manager, Eric Wedge, does something as questionable when the Cleveland ace C.C. Sabathia goes against New York this evening. Couple Piniella's move with the Phillies being captained by former Indians' manager, Charlie Manuel, and it's looking really good for the Indians; everything that could go wrong is happening to those other teams.

One of the Mike's on Mike and Mike on ESPN2 likened Zambrano's pull to splitting a winning hand of two Queens in blackjack. Since the decision blew up in Piniella's face (and it's a wrong decision only in hindsight because it didn't work), the Indians' Wedge shouldn't take it into his own head to do the same with Sabathia to save him for a possible Game 4. I want to see Sabathia pitch for the win in Game 1, Carmona for the win in Game 2 and Westbrook pitch for the win and a sweep on Sunday in Game 3.

Listen up, Wedge:

Pitch to win. Don't pitch to play four.

Not A Writing Night

Figured out some themes I want to play with in the sequel, so that's good. Going to employ some of the techniques Tim Powers discussed in his seminar Saturday, but I'm not going to get any real writing besides this entry tonight:

Indians vs. Yankees, Cleveland up 3-1 in the top of the third, and Sabathia just struck out Derek Jeter, almost causing Jeter to fall down, Jeter was swinging so hard and missing by so much. Sabathia still needs to settle down a bit; he's overthrowing whenever he tries to keep the Yankees honest and stop them from crowding the plate.

But ... I don't have much more in my head except the book title and the title of the first part: The Sun Also Sets still for the book title and "A Moveable Feast" for the title of part one. The two make good "boxes" into which I can pour plot points, character bios, and a timeline.

Added at 10:50 p.m.*:

Well, that's one game.** I worried a lot in the top of the fifth, and then the Indians kicked their offense into gear, stringing together enough runs to insure victory.

Main difference between this game and other outings when C.C. took the mound? Run support.

* -- Entry would have come sooner, but youngest daughter needed a math quiz typed. It's so much fun typing fractions in Word when it defaults to auto correction.

** -- I'm now that much more unlikely to get the extra room from E! ;-)

Seriously, though, I did not want to play the Yankees in post-season, believing the Indians had a better chance against Boston. Looking forward to tomorrow's game. Announcers put an interesting spin on the series, noting that the Game 1 loser went on to win the 5-game series more often than not.