October 17th, 2007


Hurry Up & Wait

I'm looking at a busy last half to the week.

1) Critique submissions for next Monday's writing group meeting.
2) Work on and finish the Mundane SF short story and send it out to stillnotbored (who was brave enough to volunteer to give it a read)
3) Wait and wait and wait for a reply from the agents I've queried.

Next week gets even busier as I've got to start thinking about the next novel. I want to get some serious brainstorming/plotting* accomplished before World Fantasy, which is only 2 weeks away at this point. And then I still need to rewrite "Sacrifices" and rework the ending for "Tigerfly"; I hope the critiques I get back on the first part of "Sacrifices" come Monday will set me on the right path for that piece. I may work on the rewrite when I've a free moment at WFC. ;-)

The next novel looks promising to the muse. I've got the title and a good pitch that's 7-10 words. I also have a feel for what I want to happen in the first section, but other characters and events need to come together for a cohesive plot. I've done a bit a research in the past on this time period, and I've got to consider whether I want to mesh that material with this setting/story. Go this route and I kill one story in favor of another. It makes for an interesting exercise in cannibalism, but it will only work if the "secret history" elements fit the puzzle in the right way. You can't force synchronicity.

* -- Editor read and liked the book and recommended several agents. Now I'm at the wait and wait and wait stage, anxious to hear back on the queries I've sent so far. One did reply quickly and passed, providing the "not right for me" response (which is all right as responses go, because everyone -- writer, agent, editor -- needs to believe in something for a project to work).