October 19th, 2007


To Sleep

Mundane SF story contemplated and died a quick death. It's one of those stories that needs something more. Muse enjoyed all the thoughts, and the light bulb that sparked this story is still aglow. It's only waiting for a room in which to shine.

It's that stage of writing where you get one idea and know it needs more time in utero. "To Sleep" wants to merge with at least one other story kernel, which is tentatively titled "Duck Hunt." I could go the route of knocking out two stories, but my productivity* is so glacial I can afford to see how well these two jigsaw pieces interlock. The central conceit in "Duck Hunt" could work as a scene within "To Sleep" rather than as a QAD** short.

Plus, "To Sleep" is a better title. ;-)

Sorry, stillnotbored, but this story won't come out for a bit. On the other hand, the rewrite on "Sacrifices" took a good turn. With a little less than 2 weeks until WFC, I'm hopeful I can finish it and get it out as soon as possible.

* -- Slow
** -- Quick And Dirty; not to be confused with quod erat demonstrandum, though there's an argument to be made here that writing two stories rather than one, getting more stories out into the world is akin to a shotgun blast, I'm certain to hit something, thereby proving my worth. QAD and QED don't personally appeal to me, thank God.