November 6th, 2007



Battling a touch of con crud. No surprise there from anyone, I'm sure. I'm sure weather changes and light sleep are the culprits.

A great convention. Got to hang with a lot of people I hadn't seen in ages and made lots of new friends. Con-related highlights included readings by Scott Lynch and Christopher Barzak and the banquet on Sunday.

Post-con, energy levels are high, as usual. Had a writer's group meeting last night and they're going to look at the story Ideomancer accepted and that I need to tighten. Which gives me time to do my own work on it, get that out the door before too much longer and finish the rewrite on Sacrifices. Then I'll have the rest of the month to plan the sequel to Only The Dead before moving on to new projects.

So far it sounds like everyone made it home safe and sound. Hope everyone had a good time.

Things I Forgot To Post About WFC


In bed.



The last two are punchlines to jokes. I spent a great deal of the convention hanging with my Canadian friends. retrobabble was adamant I should post the jokes, especially since she's soon to get her green card and the discussion about voting prompted the first joke.

Every time I see someone make their mark -- X -- for their signature, I will think of Canada and how much funnier it is to sign with a different capital letter.

As for the second joke ... everyone should bow their heads and remember the lost saint of travelers. I think he looked a lot better on the medals. Because it's hard to wear AAA stickers and not look tacky.