November 12th, 2007


Veterans Day

I was reading a post by retrobabble just now about her recollections of Remembrance Day. What we call Veterans Day here in the States. Now, I don't feel old, but her observation illustrates for me the difference between those who grew up at the same time I did and those who grew up in later years.

Sometimes I think it's rare for people to remember the past. Nowadays, we redefine it to suit our purposes and demands. And it's those subtle shifts that move us from yesterday to today, that move us onward at a pace we sometimes shy away from because we don't control it. At least, not as much as we want or sometimes need.

Coincidentally, while researching the book I just completed, I came across a quote related to World War I. I've used it as a title and as an epigraph, but it's appropriate to note here, because I can see its value as a reflection of the world in which we live and the world which inspired it ...

"Only the dead have seen the end of war."
--George Santayana, "Tipperary," Soliloquies in England