November 13th, 2007


Sun Prologue

Earlier today a friend noted that writers should always write. Always always always. So, I broke free of the editorial/proof mold yesterday and today, jotting ideas I gathered at WFC for a possible short story and knocked out the prologue for The Sun Also Sets in a sudden burst of creativity.

I'll come back to the short story notes next month. Right now my focus is finishing the "Sacrifices" rewrite in time to submit it Monday at my next workshop meeting. But I couldn't turn away the muse's desire to write the Sun prologue. The tone is right, mirroring the theme from Only The Dead, but approaching it from a different perspective. I want characters to grow. Some characters at least.

Speaking of Only The Dead ... I'm still waiting to hear back from agents. I'm going to hold off on queries of queries until I plot the sequel, especially since editor X recommended another agent and I'd like to add more to the submission package if possible.

I'm also fortunate I have friends that asked to read the first book. Hope everyone enjoys it. It's all me, but it's also a little bit King, a little bit Koontz, and a little bit Kellerman. I'd say it's a little bit Little, but it's not, so I can't whip out that pun. ;-)


Haiku2 for stevenagy
point where you get one
idea and know it needs
a message cipher
Created by Grahame