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November 27th, 2007

Turning Points

Either it's the holidays and the attendant examination of life and family and my place in the world or it's submission blues, but I find I'm asking the W questions: Why do I write? What kind of writer am I? What do I want from writing? What should I write next?

They're all equal in importance. But after spending three years attempting to write three different books -- and failing -- and then spending almost another three years writing Only The Dead (which received a positive response from the editor who read it, but has yet to garner more than one rejection from agents), I'm looking at the long, arduous trial of writing the sequel or doing something new and I'm out of coins to flip.

I could create a poll, ask those who read these intermittent ramblings what they favored, except the questions come down to the aforementioned W's. Rejection wears on the soul. For example, I'm fairly certain the Doe novelette bounced at WoTF this past quarter, as its bounced elsewhere. Yet I'm still found of him as a character, fond of his world, fond of his efforts to find his way in his world. I even know how to make it a fantasy ... but will anyone want to read it? Because tackling Doe once more will take a great deal of devotion.

So, anyone want to read about a golem cast adrift in a foreign land with its mistress? I'll even entertain title suggestions because, as this is now a fantasy, Doe immediately brings a pun to mind.

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