December 31st, 2007


2008 Resolutions

1) Write more, write faster.

Goals are a) finish rewrite of "Mother of Exiles" when I receive editorial request; b) outline and write first draft of The Sun Also Sets; and c) outline and write first draft of untitled fantasy (which I've worked on over the holidays, working on world building and character outlines). I'd like to finish the first draft of both books this year, applying some Novel In 90 discipline.

2) Walk at least a mile a day.

Melissa gave everyone pedometers for Christmas, wanting to start a 10,000 step program with the new year. And the first issue of my subscription to Men's Health arrived today, letting me pick through the dross for some exercise routines I can try implementing at home, sans weights.

Two resolutions is a good start. I could add that I want to read more, since I only knocked out 24 books this year. I've 65 pages left on Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett, but I'm spending New Year's Eve socializing with the family rather than alone with a book.

So ...

Happy New Year! Hope 2008 is great to everyone. :-)