January 21st, 2008

evanescence, anywhere

A Writer's Perspective

I've one of those daily calenders. Where you tear the page off each day. I started using them several years back when my cousin got me a Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar version. (Now she knows me better and I got a pair of really good winter gloves.) Since then I've gotten a new calendar each year. Not the swimsuit theme, but others like Dilbert and Peanuts. It's an easy Christmas gift for Melissa to give me, and I've always been fond of Peanuts, which is the theme we've followed for the past 4-5 years.

It's one of those touchstones you find when you've lived with someone long enough. Which fits nicely with my mindset as I read Lisey's Story, which King described as his novel about marriage. I don't share things like blood-bools with Melissa, but we've got our own shared language and experiences.

Now, as sometimes happens in King's books, one of the main characters is a writer. Perhaps that's one of the reasons I enjoy reading his books. It's another shared experience. He was someone I could relate to when I was a teenager. Well, today's Peanuts strip is from 1/20/1996, and it fits nicely into the writer state of mind and Melissa's optimistic attitude.

The first panel shows Snoopy shows Snoopy standing in front of the Brown mailbox. He's reading a letter:

Dear Contributor,
We are returning your stupid story.

The second panel continues the letter, and shows Snoopy walking back to his doghouse:

Please don't send us any more ... Please, Please, Please ...

The third panel shows Snoopy atop his doghouse, sitting in front of his typewriter -- and he's smiling, his expression whimsical, his thought balloon offering the following:

I love to hear them beg ...