Steve Nagy (stevenagy) wrote,
Steve Nagy

One Step Forward

Finally got the first few words down on the short story I planned to work on at the end of last year. Went back and forth on setting (science fiction versus fantasy), which influenced how much information I would present about the main character's differences (autistic).

Came into work yesterday, taking the same direction round the cubicles that I follow so I can turn on the lights, and bumped into one of the people from accounting. I said "excuse me," as I stopped to let her pass, and she said I was OK because she knew my pattern in the morning. Which jibes with my character's viewpoint. After that it was a simple matter to jot down the opening paragraphs and set myself to flow into the action.

I toyed with different titles during the outlining process, and I've settled on one from a while back when I toyed with an idea about a colony ship, which was the science fiction setting I wanted. Call this one Rote. Even better, since this is a short story, there's an end in sight. The major selling point on short work.
Tags: 1234, characterization, muse, rote, short story, writing
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