Steve Nagy (stevenagy) wrote,
Steve Nagy

Brief Vacation

Taking the next three days off (because I'm at the use them or lose them point of the year) and what time I don't spend cleaning around the house, getting ready for the holidays, I'll spend either at the Y or writing.

Cleaning is the first priority (vacuuming, straightening) because Melissa and I splurged on a joint Christmas present this year, purchasing a new mattress. Delivery is Wednesday. I can't begin to tell you how my lower back aches in the morning. I slept in the oldest daughter's room last night, since she's conveniently away at school. Having our bed to herself didn't help Melissa much, though; it's that bad. And we're even moving from queen to king, so it's a double bonus.

Which should leave me pretty much in relaxation mode come Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. I'm hoping to knock out the rest of "Sacrifices" then. Worked out some tricksey parts in the past week and the story is around 4,000 words. I think I need four or five more scenes to finish it, minimum, to finish it, with the penultimate being another long one like the one just past.

I think this is another one I can get Melissa to read. If I can get her to cry I know I've hit the right note. :-)

Hit my head, hard, on my car's hatchback yesterday afternoon. No dents, but I've got a bad headache still.
Tags: bed, clumsiness, sacrifices, vacation
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