Steve Nagy (stevenagy) wrote,
Steve Nagy

Painting Tonight ...

... and writing the rest of the week (crossing fingers). So I'm not shooting to finish "Sacrifices" in time for Christmas. Hope Karin considers it a present. ;-)

We put our tree up last night after I made dinner. We need to borrow the neighbor's truck this evening to transport an oak bookcase one of Melissa's coworkers offered to her. Hopefully with four bookcases I won't double and triple stack on the shelves in the new workroom and bow the shelves as much as I did in the past.

Knocked out a page or two on the story yesterday, btw, so hoping to finish by Christmas isn't outside the realm of possibility. I still need to resign myself to the fact that I'm not as prolific or fast as my compatriots. I'm still working on harnessing my obsessive personality in other words, as noted in a previous post.

On the other hand, I'm not dissatisfied with the progress I have made. I'm really enjoying this story and its subtleties. It's like a mystery with twists and red herrings along the way. Of course, I won't know until someone else reads it whether I did a good job or not.

Current Page/Word Count: 19 pages/4,750 words
New Pages/Words: 1.5 pages/250-375 words
Goal: 28 pages/7,000 words
Tags: redecorating, sacrifices, short story
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