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But not from the B&E. ;-)

This was the traditional Christmas loot, with packages opened on the Eve and the Day, though more and more I'm an adult about the whole idea of getting gifts and gather as much enjoyment from watching my kids and wife open presents as I do when I receive any myself.

My take amounted to three nice dress shirts I can wear for both casual and work occasions; my annual Peanuts desk calendar; money from my parents; a DVD copy of Saw II (which wasn't a surprise since I was with Melissa when she picked it up on discount at Target for $5, which was a hard bargain to skip); a DVD copy of Little Miss Sunshine (from my daughter's boyfriend and his mother); The Tao of Poker (from bf and mother); and a stocking with a half-dozen Reese's peanut-butter and chocolate Christmas trees (all of which I've already eaten since I choose not to resist Reese's peanut butter cups).

Two presents came early, so there wasn't any surprise involved. A new king-size mattress for our bed and the two Bob Howard books by Charles Stross, The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue. I plan on making a list of books to read for the new year, hoping to top the 52 mark. (Even though I read TAA in ARC form when I reviewed it for MarsDust, I want to read it again before TJM.)

As for the unofficial book challenge ... with 5 days left counting today it looks like I'm going to max out at 30 when I finish Winter's Heart. I've only 200 or so pages left to read in it and I don't think I'll finish either Dead Beat or Midnight Tides before January 1 rolls around.
Tags: 52 book challenge, charles stross, happy holidays
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