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Short Finished

I completed "Sacrifices" a little after midnight last night. 27 pages/6,750 words in its raw state. I did get to keep the last line I was shooting for when I started the last two scenes.

The next post after this one is friends-locked and limited to those who requested a look at the preview, which is only Karin at this point. The rewrite will get added after any work done on the Fallen rewrite, which is my Novel in 90 project.

My plan for that, since it is a rewrite of a 450-plus word manuscript, is to get at least twice as many pages as the standard goal done. I'm going to literally "rewrite" the pages into a new file. There will be new material and new chapters, so the TOC is going to remain valid for long. The only part that's likely to remain unchanged is the Prologue, which was sold to Black Static in December 2005.

Hopefully, it will see publication this year. Posts I've seen on the TTA bulletin board indicate their redesign of The Third Alternative, which is the magazine's original incarnation, is nearly complete. When it start publication in mid-2006 I wasn't surprised it waited until the new year. It's what I would have done if I wanted to garner the most interest. A debut at World Horror in Toronto, perhaps? I don't have any insider information, but that's my guess.

Edited 11/19:
I finished the story rewrite and I've deleted the earlier version that I posted on 1/8. I'm happy with it. Should head out the door in a couple weeks. First stop, F&SF.


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Jan. 8th, 2007 02:50 pm (UTC)
Jan. 8th, 2007 04:36 pm (UTC)
Sure, you can take a gander at the short if you want.

I'd recommend clicking on the 8th on the calendar. That mode shows entries in the order they were posted, while looking at my journal in its default configuration puts them in reverse order.
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