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Writing Inspiration Meme

via eeknight

Writing meme
1. Who is the prose stylist you most admire?

2. Who is your favorite writer in terms of storytelling skill?

3. Which writer, upon reading one volume, did you tirelessly read and collect until you'd read every volume you could get your hands on?

4. What book made you say "I want to be a writer, so I can do stuff like that"?

5. What book was so awful it gave you confidence you could be published, since if that guy could get an imprint to put out his drek, what's stopping you?

My Answers
1) This is a hard one to answer because I enjoy many different genres and each has its own particular author I read multiple times. Horror - King. Mystery - Christie (for plotting nuances) and Kellerman (for characterization). SF - pretty level playing field. Fantasy - I really liked Donaldson when the first two Thomas Covenant trilogies appeared. Read the first book over and over again as each mass market appeared, so I've read Lord Foul's Bane 6 times, The Illearth War 5 times, etc. Real literature - Joseph Heller with Catch 22, though I do enjoy James Clavell as well.

2) King, Clavell and Kellerman.

3) King. Salem's Lot.

4) Tai-Pan and Shogun by James Clavell.

5) Midnight by Dean Koontz. Not because it was bad, but because I'd had a similar idea and didn't possess the discipline to sit down and write and finish when I first read it.

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