Steve Nagy (stevenagy) wrote,
Steve Nagy

Black Static

It seems TTA Press is much closer to releasing its first issue of Black Static, which was formerly title The Third Alternative. Over at TTA's website, they've opened the discussion forum for the magazine. After the recent forum redesign, this topic remained locked until yesterday.

One post relates to story acceptances. A nice list, and not only because it includes my own story -- "Ye Shall Eat In Haste" -- among them. :-)

I've no idea what the TOC is for the first issue. I haven't heard anything, however, so I'm not counting on it. I'd love to have my story appear in the first issue, if only because it seems like forever since I've published anything. Plus, the exposure couldn't hurt.

Way back when I sold my first story, I took it one day at a time, telling myself I'd believe it when I saw it in print. And when I was told it was the lead story, I told myself the same thing again. I'm too much a Libra and the child of pessimistic parents to see the glass as half full. I don't expect good things to happen; I accept them when they do, offer my thanks, and move on to the next story, the next submission. While writing is personal, you've got to develop filters to separate yourself from what happens to your work and treat it with professionalism as much as possible. It's like having a functional dissociative identity disorder. One personality is the writer and the other is the seller.
Tags: black static, process, short story, ye shall eat in haste
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