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Evolution ... Or Just My Strange Cat?

One of the kittens did something odd this morning. She's trying to act like a person, by going number 1 in the toilet.

Only if we leave the seats up. If we leave them down, she eyes the sinks in the bathroom. (Needless to say, while I was home sick from work yesterday I mustered enough strength to clean the bathrooms. It was good for the sinuses.)

Don't know if this is normal behavior or not, but the seats will remain up for the time being. I keep thinking of Robert DeNiro in Meet The Parents and his training their cat to use the toilet. Wonder if it's catching and the other kitten will start to act human as well?



May. 16th, 2007 01:24 pm (UTC)
That's so funny.

Sometimes, I think cats mimic certain aspects of human behavior.

I have a cat that has watched me open my bedroom door so many times that he knows what the doorknob is for and tries to open it when I close it and he wants in.

If he had thumbs, he could do it.

He has managed to open it twice.
May. 16th, 2007 01:45 pm (UTC)
The one thing I wish I could teach them is how to play fetch.

The first cat we owned, Sammy, played fetch from when she was a kitten. You'd toss a rubber ball or a piece of paper and she'd run and catch it and then bring it back to you in her mouth. She'd drop it right beside you so you could pick it up and toss it again. She'd do this over and over until she got bored or you got bored.

It must have been some hunter instinct to bring her kills back to her "owner" for validation/approval, but we made it a game, and she liked to play it. We've tried with the kittens, and they'll chase the "ball" -- but they won't bring it back yet.

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