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NBA Finals - Cavaliers vs. Spurs

I'm going to make some predictions here, just so I can get them on record:

Defense will dominate the series.

You'll see the Spurs in more foul trouble than the Cavs -- and the Cavaliers, noted as poor percentage shooters in the regular season, will make a high number of those free baskets. Which is what I felt was a deciding factor in the Pistons series. Especially from Game 3 onward. Cleveland made its free throws as the Pistons attempted to control the series by playing rough. What's a few fouls when the Cavs can't hit the baskets, right? :-)

LJ's Cavaliers -- Z, Hughes, Gibson, Gooden, Flopsy -- will average 12-15 points per game. And Gibson will probably average a lot more, say around 20-25, keeping close pace with James and scoring a lion's share of those points from the free throw line.

The Cavs will win at least one game of the first two in San Antonio. Probably the first. If it's the first, I think they'll take the second as well.

The Cavs won't lose 2 games at home, so either they're 2-3 or 3-2 heading back to San Antonio -- if the first two games are a split.

The series will go either 6 or 7 games. Six, it's Cleveland. Seven, it's a coin flip, because home court is a big advantage. But if Cleveland takes the first two games in San Antonio ... it's a 4-5 game series with Cleveland pulling the upset. James is just too good and too unselfish not to pull off a repeat of what he did in Game 5 and Game 6.

This doesn't mean I don't respect San Antonio. I do. As much as I did Detroit. I just dislike them less than Detroit because I'm a Cleveland fan born and bred. I just don't believe they'll respect the cohesive "team effort" the Cavs built during the playoffs. Experience is great; belief -- in yourself, in your companions -- is better. The Cavaliers are more akin to Dumas' literary musketeers than anything else. At least when it comes to the "team":

All for one, one for all.

Cavs in 5 or 6. Cavs or Spurs in 7. It's going to be a great Finals.


Jun. 6th, 2007 01:38 am (UTC)
ow! *g*

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