Steve Nagy (stevenagy) wrote,
Steve Nagy

Final Stretch

I believe I'm settling on Only The Dead as the current working title for what, formerly, I've labeled as Fallen for the past two-plus years.

Two-plus years? Sigh. Yes, now that I look at the original files, it's taken nearly three years (I'm about 50 days shy) to make it through the original draft and two or three rewrites. I'm only calling it a working title because I'm sure someone will change it down the road. Heck, I might even change it, and use the overarching label that was one of the other title's I considered: Aftermath. Or an editor might change it to Only The Un-Dead -- which might be acceptable, except I think it emphasizes the "horror" aspect too much.

So, it's looking pretty good at this point to finish the final rewrite. Added some information to a scene at the halfway point, setting up one part of the climax; I realized that, while I laid the groundwork during the original draft, or during one of the rewrites, I wasn't explicit enough. At least, explicit and subtle, which is one of the parts that makes writing fun.

Looks like I can get at least two books out of it. Again, stating the obvious fact here that I'm writing for my own pleasure and the muse at this point since I've yet to sell the thing.

1 -- Only The Dead
2 -- The Sun Also Sets

I think committing my muse to only one other book, while letting her loose on shorter works in the interim while I outline The Sun Also Sets, should keep her satisfied.
Tags: book titles, fallen, rewrite, writing, ye shall eat in haste
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