Steve Nagy (stevenagy) wrote,
Steve Nagy

Writing Mantra #5

My rules. Your mileage may very. I pick them up where I can, when they resonate with how my muse works. Latest comes via leahbobet and her insightful post about craft:

You work your tools until they break in to the shape of your hands, one by one, possibly rebreaking some as your hands toughen and grow strong from learning to work.

It's a bit long to call it a mantra, but that isn't the point. I won't make you dig through my archive for the other rules, mantras, guides:

1) Just write.
2) Get the story written, then get it right.
3) Hold nothing back.
4) Passion is contagious.

Sent the book off to first (and only) beta reader this afternoon to get her reaction. Working through the book, fairly quickly, making sure it's smooth and neat and beautiful. I think the muse did well with this one.
Tags: process, writing
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