Steve Nagy (stevenagy) wrote,
Steve Nagy


I finished the rewrite today. Going to give it to the writing group tonight if they'll have it. I subbed "Mother of Exiles" two weeks ago, looking for cut advice. No matter what, I'm happier with the story flow. I played with the tense again, trying to make the shifts less obvious.

So, hopefully I'll have something to send out into the world early December. F&SF first, and then possibly Fantasy after that. This isn't an SF story, so it's definitely not right for Asimovs or Analog. Or even Interzone or Baen's, which are two other markets I'd like to crack. Perhaps Strange Horizons. Or even IGMS, since I bumped into its editor Sunday night after WFC and he commented how he likes dark fiction.
Tags: sacrifices, short story, writing
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