Steve Nagy (stevenagy) wrote,
Steve Nagy

Doe Synopsis

Still not sure what title I'm going to use for this version of Doe, but I knocked out two good pages in the synopsis today. I'm not going to pare it down at this point. It will run as long as necessary to get the infrastructure down. Hardest part is the made-up names and such, because that brings up the culture/language parallels. If it wasn't fun, you'd think it was work. :-)

Doe remains without title, however, as it's not set in the "real" world, so I'm not able to use something as simple as Doe -- because that brings along its own culture/language parallels. One working title that's bouncing around is Not. Another is Nameless. Muse might need a good night's sleep, some brisk exercise and a shower before it stumbles across the appropriate connections that make a sensible name/title.
Tags: process, writing
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