Steve Nagy (stevenagy) wrote,
Steve Nagy

One Down

Finished the synopsis for Doe today. All set to submit it to the UWG tomorrow night if they run short of submissions. Next up is the synopsis for The Sun Also Sets.

This is the first time I've tackled a novel from this direction. I've written the books first before. It's an organic process. I do know where I want to go. Usually I've got what amounts to a one-line pitch or a framework, which is what I did with Only The Dead, where I found inspiration in the Evanescence soundtrack "Fallen."

This time, however, I'm not even sure of the book title. I know it's about the clash of two cultures, the desperate struggle for freedom by a hidden third, the price of love and happiness balanced against the demands of family and honor. There are duels and double crosses, natural disasters and man-made catastrophes. And at least two battles. But no title.

Added at 2230:

Oops. I just realized that next up is a rewrite of "Mother of Exiles" for Ideomancer. I should hear back soon from the editor about the changes she wants.
Tags: doe, evanescence, fallen, only the dead, process, synopsis, writing
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