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Steve Nagy

just write

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6 October 1963
I think of myself as a writer. Day job is computer software support tech for a company in Michigan that works with newspapers. Went to Kent State University in Ohio and studied journalism, worked at several newspapers in Ohio, upstate New York, and Kentucky. I write genre fiction -- horror, fantasy, science fiction. Probably because the first adult books I read were Wells' Invisible Man and Time Machine, the Arabian Nights, and King's Salem's Lot. So it's a conscious choice there to favor the fsfh genres. Or you could blame my failed Catholic school upbringing and say the nuns failed to stamp out all influences not grounded in the real world. Happily married with two daughters and three cats. Which actually comes first in the personal identity department.

When someone asks what I like to do, they get the first answer. When someone asks what I do you do for a living, they get the second. When someone asks about family, they get the third.

I've published three short stories to date, one of which was reprinted in the Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 15. I worked with MarsDust as the fiction editor when it accepted fiction submissions. It does NOT accept fiction submissions any longer.

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